Fabrics for home textiles

Vologda Textile Factory produces strong, durable and high-quality fabrics for sewing tablecloths, towels, shetlands, upholstery and even for the manufacture of footwear. Sateen, percale, jacquard and other types of fabrics are available. At the request of the customer it is possible to manufacture a batch of fabric of a certain color and with a unique pattern.

Fabrics for shetlands and scarves

Fabrics for shetlands are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, hard-wearing and ideal for everyday use. Fabric designs are perfectly combined with other textile accessories from our collections. Fabrics are created of durable cotton with a special weave to ensure even density over the entire area. After numerous washings, the fabrics do not lose the original geometry of the forms, the evenness of the texture (the thread does not stratify) and brightness.

Fabrics for towels

The fabric for towels has a rough relief surface with uniform symmetrical squares. This is a very durable, resistant to mechanical and thermal effects of the material, so it is used not only for towels, but bathrobes, clothes, technical products for surface treatment, disinfection, aprons, capes and oven cloths. For all its functionality and durability, this fabric remains one of the most affordable.

Industrial fabrics

Furniture fabrics are used in upholstery, when sewing curtains, for furnishing the interior. They demonstrate strength, abundance of colors and shapes. All of them look aesthetically pleasing, have a pleasant texture, create the appropriate surroundings, emphasize the conceptual completeness of the style. Classic black and white variations, metallic, all shades of brown, pastel, beige, bright colors, as well as their harmonious combination are presented.

Fabrics for bed linen

Sateen is one of the most beautiful and durable fabrics made of natural and eco-friendly fiber. This gorgeous material always looks noble. There are good reasons why it used to be called “cotton silk”. Linen made of sateen is durable, a large number of washings (200-300) will not harm the products. The threads are evenly distributed over the entire area of sheet, the material passes air, creates optimal microcirculation.

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