About the factory

Vologda Textile Factory is a full-cycle enterprise manufacturing fabrics and finished textile products. The factory produces high-tech fabrics that are used for making personal protective workwear and home textile products. The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment that allows the production of fabrics from yarn using natural and synthetic fibers. At the moment, the company has a program to increase production capacity due to the high demand for special high-tech fabrics with various factors of protection against production risks.

Production of high-tech fabrics

The activities of Vologda Textile Factory are primarily aimed at producing innovative protective fabrics that have high tech characteristics.

• Fabrics made from natural and chemical fibers protect clothing from industrial pollution, and due to a significant range of various complex fixings they can protect from the effects of acids and alkalis, oil and oil products, allowing to produce various options of personal protective equipment meeting the highest requirements and standards.

• Anti-static fabrics that prevent the accumulation of static electricity, at the same time, have increased durability, reliability and comfort of operation, which allows you to maintain the appearance of personal protective equipment for a long time. Such anti-static fabrics are used in laboratories, operating rooms, as well as in premises where there is a risk of ignition or explosion.

• Aramid heat-resistant and fire-resistant fabrics are particularly durable, resistant to high temperatures and ignition, have protective characteristics against burns of a second degree and higher. Fabrics made from chemical thermoformed fibers retain their protective and operational properties for a long time — more than 2 years, they do not sustain combustion, nor melt or smoulder.

• Fabrics with insect-acaricidal and mosquito fixings. Vologda Textile Factory produces fabrics with protection from harmful biological factors (diseases transmitted through tick and insect bites), insect-acaricidal and mosquito fixings, with an effective protective quality for work wear, including heat-resistant and flame-resistant properties, as well as an outdoor clothing segment.

Despite the existing large range of high-tech fabrics, Vologda Textile Factory experts are constantly analyzing and developing new solutions and products that are in demand in the textile industry. The factory plans to begin the production of fabrics used for military and industrial purposes, as well as fabrics for making school uniforms.

Production of fabrics for home textiles

In addition to fabrics for work wear, the factory also produces high-quality fabrics that are used for sewing home textiles. Such as percale, jacquard, honeycomb fabric, sateen. At the same time, the equipment allows you to create fabrics with different types of interweavings and different surface density. For example, jacquard machines produce interweavings with large drawings and products with exclusive patterns and logos.

The factory also produces finished textile products — bed linen, scarves, diapers, tablecloths, bath accessories, kitchen goods and bathrobes. Serial production of textiles is arranged, thus clients can make individual orders.

Product quality control

The enterprise strictly monitors the quality of its products. A multistage quality control system has been implemented and is successfully operating, which includes:

• Input control of raw materials
• Production control
• Control of finished products

Each batch of products has its own quality certificate. And the diverse properties of fabrics, for example, raw material composition, color fastness, toxicological indicators - can be checked, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Production process

The production complex is equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment, which allows the production of high quality products in compliance with the standards at each production section.

The manufacturing process is a complete technological chain from the processing and dyeing of the yarns to the production of finished fabrics.

All raw materials coming to the warehouse complex pass quality control and then go to the weaving production.

The factory has a large capacity in yarn dyeing on the basis of natural fibers and high-temperature dyeing of yarns made from synthetic fibers. The factory has installed high-temperature jiggers, in which the dyeing of the aramid and polyamide fabrics is performed. Preparatory and weaving equipment allows us to weave and produce fabrics based on polyamide and cordura.

Innovations in production

New “smart” fabrics are developed in our own R&D center of the factory. The range is formed considering different market segments, all fabrics meet international quality standards. Specialists of the factory collaborate with leading Russian research institutes and foreign institutions. Thanks to this collaboration, new technologies are introduced in the production of high-tech fabrics.

The factory supplies its products to Russian and international companies — leading manufacturers of work wear, hotel chains, chain stores. The activity of Vologda Textile Factory contributes to the reduction of Russia's dependence on imports of high-tech fabrics.

Development strategy of Vologda Textile Factory

In the future, the plan is to create a vertically integrated textile holding on the basis of the factory, the priority of which will be the production of high-tech fabrics and work wear, as well as home textiles.

For this purpose, we plan to increase production capacity. By 2024, the number of machines involved in the factory will be tripled. In addition, the company plans to cooperate with Russian and foreign representatives of the industry and create joint ventures.

The management of the factory plans to bring the company to a leading position in its sector in the Russian market by 2024.

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