• Fabrics for work wear

    Fabrics for work wear

    Special requirements are imposed to fabrics for work wear. The material should be comfortable, protect from external influences, to demonstrate decent results of resistance to abrasion, strength, durability, even when operating in adverse conditions. Of course, this implies perfect observance of technology when interweaving fibers, it is important to combine correctly different chains, combining synthetic, natural ones. Insulation is often used, if it is intended to tailor products for work outside the premises.

  • Finished products

    Finished products

    Among the textile products we produce there are collections of shetlands and scarves, bedding sets, tablecloths, kitchen towels, sauna textile products (kilts and bathrobes) and other items. All products are created only from natural cotton fabrics. Cotton is a completely hypoallergenic material, it is not surprising that it is often found in sanatoriums, boarding houses, hospitals, other medical institutions. It is able to contact with high temperatures without damaging the fabric structure, so it is used, in particular, to create oven cloths.

  • Fabrics for home textiles

    Fabrics for home textiles

    Vologda Textile Factory produces strong, durable and high-quality fabrics for sewing tablecloths, towels, shetlands, upholstery and even for the manufacture of footwear. Sateen, percale, jacquard and other types of fabrics are available. At the request of the customer it is possible to manufacture a batch of fabric of a certain color and with a unique pattern.

  • Textiles for hotels

    Textiles for hotels

    Tailoring of textiles for hotels is created using the latest technologies developed with the participation of Russian and European experts. Our products do not lose color for a long time and do not have lint, the products look neat and attractive. The product does not cause an allergic reaction, gives a pleasant feeling when in contact with the skin.

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